Cough & Cold API's
Offering one of the most diverse and extensive portfolios of Analgesic, Antihistamine, Expectorant,  Antitussive, Bronchodilator API's from FDA inspected facilities.
World’s largest producer of specialty Camphor intermediates and derivatives. Specialty chiral and resolving agents, cGMP production, back integrated, high purity EE, custom specifications.
Corticosteroid API’s
Leading US importer of Hydrocortisone Base and Acetate for over a decade. Just in time deliveries from Florida distribution hub, FDA inspected facilities.

Welcome to Camphor Technologies Inc., an innovative manufacturer of specialty pharmaceutical intermediates and active pharmaceutical ingredients.

Over the past 16 years our company has become a leader in developing and producing specialty optical active molecules and anti-microbial API’s.

Our processes and products are utilized in over 50 countries and are key catalysts for some of the largest selling household products, as well intricate parts of some of the world's leading drugs.

Worldwide Offices
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